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"Russian Pollock" plant started production
RFC held the second stage of the ecological marathon "Clean Coast"
Main equipment installation on the first pair of super trawlers for the RFC started in St. Petersburg
Russian Fishery Company confirmed a high level of its products food safety
RFC started its fleet renewal
Russian Fishery Company launched the Clean Coast Ecological Marathon
Russian Fishery Company was allocated funds for the repair 13th Secondary General School
The fourth RFC’s supertrawler construction started
RFC announces H1 2020 operational results
Crews of RFC’s vessels rewarded for high fishing performance
Russian Pollock plant equipment commissioning started
Russian Fishery Company fleet renewal to reduce carbon footprint by 50%
The keel of the third supertrawler for the Russian Fishery Company was laid in St. Petersburg
The first serial supertrawler for the Russian Fishery Company launched at the Admiralty Shipyards
The Governor of Primorsky Krai praised the progress in the construction of the Russian Pollock plant in a pandemic period
RFC helps hospitals to fight coronavirus
Russian Fishery Company congratulated veterans on Victory Day
Russian Fishery Company conducted the first stage of COVID-19 testing
The Admiralty Shipyards launched the lead vessel for the Russian Fishery Company
Metal cutting started for the fourth RFC’s super trawler at the Admiralty Shipyards
The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) products attracted the attention of the Chinese fishery exhibition participants
Viktor Litvinenko Appointed Head of Russian Fishery Company (RFC)
The Russian Fishery Company will present deep processed products from wild white fish to Chinese partners
The first two super trawlers of the Russian Fishery Company are given names
Metal cutting has begun for the third RFC super trawler at the Admiralty Shipyards
RFC signed an agreement with Sberbank on financing a coastal plant construction
Crews for new supertraulers of the Russian Fishery Company will be prepared in conjunction with Maritime State University
Russian Fishery Company signed an agreement with the Rosrybolovstvo on securing quotas for the construction of trawlers and a coastal plant
RFC commissioned a fish processing plant in Murmansk
Russian Fishery Company will build a second fish processing plant in Murmansk together with the Agama Group
Russian Fishery Company expands retail sales
The volume of quotas for the Russian Fishery Company under the state investment quota program was determined according to the results of the auction
Russian Fishery Company representatives took part in the return of seals to their habitat
Russian Fishery Company to focus Pacific Herring sales towards Africa
The acting governor of the Murmansk region took part in the solemn ceremony of the main equipment installation at the fish processing plant "Russian cod"
The applications of the Russian Fishery Company for the construction of vessels and onshore plant under the state investment quota program approved
Products under the "Russian Fishery Company" retail brand went on sale
Russian Fishery Company supports the Marine Mammals Rehabilitation Center construction
Construction of the second super-trawler for the “Russian Fishery Company” started at Admiralty Shipyards
"Russian Fishery Company" simplifies the employment procedure for the crew
Russian Fishery Company announced the retail sales of premium Alaska Pollock products
The governor of Primorsky Krai visited the construction site of the RFС fish processing plant in Primorye
Construction of the first in thirty years large fishing vessel in Russia started for the “Russian Fishery Company”
Russian Fishery Company is ready to start construction of a fish processing plant at Far East of Russia.
Russian Fishery Company appointed new CCO to enhance its product portfolio and develop new markets
Russian Fishery Company contributed to the renewal of the ambulance fleet in Primorye
Russian Fishery Company launches the production of a new product under its own brand
Russian Fishery Company launches the production of premium Alaska Pollock products in cooperation with the Agama Group
Russian Fishery Company and Rosneft-Bunker signed a long-term contract for the supply of fuel
Russian Fishery Company plans to increase the capacity of the fish-processing factory “Russian Pollock” at Far East
Russian Fishery Company and Rosrybolovstvo signed an agreement on securing a share of quota for the construction of new factory for processing cod and haddock
Fedor Kirsanov appointed as RFC CEO
"PrimCrab" and "Nautic Rus" signed an agreement for crabber design project
Russian Fishery Company will construct new factory for processing cod and haddock in Murmansk
New fleet and coastal factory will allow the Russian Fishery Company to process up to 100% of the catch into high value-added products
New fish processing factory “Russian Pollock” will be constructed at Far East by Russian Fishery Company
New fish processing factory “Russian Pollock” will be constructed at Far East
The global sustainable seafood initiative welcomes russian fishery company to its global partnership
Gleb Frank will become the controlling shareholder of the Russian Fishery Company
Russian Fishery Company to increase pollock FAS fillet produc
"Russian Fishery Company" increases production of the high value added products
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The first serial supertrawler for the Russian Fishery Company launched at the Admiralty Shipyards


At the Admiralty Shipyards (St. Petersburg), a solemn ceremony of launching the first serial vessel for the Russian Fishery Company (“Mechanic Maslak”) took place. Commissioning of the vessel is scheduled for autumn 2021. In total, 10 similar vessels will be built by the Admiralty Shipyards for the RFC.

The trawler construction project is being implemented as part of the state program of “investment quotas” aimed at updating the national fishing fleet and increasing the efficiency of developing valuable national biological resources.

“Over the past 30 years, Russian fishing companies have become completely dependent on foreign suppliers, while the average fleet age has reached 35 years, wear has exceeded 90%. A radical turning point in the situation came after decision to introduce the investment principle in industry legislation, and fishermen ordered fishing vessels worth more than 200 billion rubles,” said Gleb Frank, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RFC, speaking at the ceremony. - It is important to remember that today's orders of the fishing companies, when they are completed, will allow updating the fleet only by 50%, therefore I am deeply convinced that the investment principle will be developtd. I am sure that today we are creating a reserve for further updating the fleet at Russian shipyards.”

The lead vessel of the series was launched in March of this year. The experience gained during its construction made it possible to increase the pace of work on the first serial trawler, sections of which were partially equipped (with elements of systems, pipelines, foundations, etc.) before the launch. This approach will reduce the time required after launching the vessel. It is planned that equipment level of the next vessels before launching will increase. In particular, part of the production equipment will be installed on the slipway.

“The series for the RFC is the biggest series of vessels of this class in Russia today. This is the first experience both for the shipyard and for our company, - commented Dmitry Sapov, RFC”s deputy CEO for the construction of the fleet. - This is an ambitious task, which is important for us to cope with. Our fishermen and the industry as a whole are looking forward to a new level of quality, safety and efficiency. ”

As well as the lead vessel of the series, the first serial trawler is named after the honored veteran of the RFC. The vessel received the name "Mechanic Maslak."

“Our whole family is very proud that a fishing vessel with our last name on board will help people of glorious maritime professions in their difficult work and keep memory of this wonderful person,” Alexander Maslak, son of Vasily Maslak, emphasized in his address to RFC’s CEO. “Your company is building a really right ship with the character, with the right name.”

Supertrawlers for the RFC are the largest and most technologically saturated Russian fishing vessels. Each new vessel is designed for an annual catch of more than 60 thousand tons of fish, which is 2.5 times higher than the productivity of vessels, which today form the basis of the fishing fleet in the Far East of the Russian Federation. Investments in the construction of a series of 10 vessels exceed 65 billion rubles.

The features of the new fleet will be significantly increased production capacity, maximum safety, high environmental friendliness and improved working and leisure conditions for crews. The vessels will be equipped with a modern factory capable of deep non-waste processing of the catch into products with high added value, primarily Pollock fillet and surimi.

It is planned that the third and fourth vessels of the series will be laid down this summer.