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Russian Fishery Company

Russian Fishery Company is one of the largest Russian producers of wild white fish, one of the leading producers of Alaska Pollock in Russia and globally. Its annual quota for fish harvesting is more than 300 thousand tons (depending on annual TAC) .

RFC is a vertically integrated company - from wild fish harvesting to on-board processing, producing high value-added products. Its fishing species are Alaska Pollock (more than 80%), Pacific Herring, Cod and Laemonema. 

The Russian Fishery Company includes large Far Eastern fishing companies (TURNIF, INTRAROS, Vostokrybprom, Sovgavanryba). 

Its primary commercial fishing grounds are in the Bering Sea and The Sea of Okhotsk, some of the cleanest oceanic areas of the entire globe. The Company's fleet is made up of 13 large catching trawlers, as well as two refrigerator vessels. Large fishing vessels are well suited to work in all fishing areas and under all climate conditions. The efficiency of RFC's fishing process, as well as the environmental responsibility, are confirmed by an MSC certificate.

RFC is implementing a fleet modernization program to further facilitate the production of high value-added products. 6 vessels have been refurnished with new equipment, allowing RFC to significantly increase Pollock and Herring fillet production. 

Annual quota
more than
300 thousand tons
RFC employs
2000 people



RFC strategic goal is to become the world leader in Pollock harvesting and processing.

Key priorities of RFC strategy:

·       Fleet operational efficiency increase

·       Development of processing and increase of high value-added products share

·       Orientation to the end customer and production of  “ready to cook” and “ready to eat” products

·       Innovative technologies implementation and HSE improvement 

As part of the fleet expansion program, RFC will build 7 state-of-the-art super-trawlers by 2023, all with increased ice classes and higher productivity levels. The new vessels will bring additional benefits to the company’s employees, as crews will see significant improvements in working conditions, more time-off, as well as further attention paid to health and safety conditions. The brand-new equipment will allow the company to produce Pollock surimi and increase the overall output of high value-added products. 

Six vessels are built under the investment quota program, under which the RFC has applied for the construction of four more similar trawlers-processors.

In 2018, the company launched the construction of onshore fish processing plants: “Russian Pollock” with daily capacity of 100 tones of finished products in Far East and “Russian Cod” with daily capacity of 50 tones of finished products in Murmansk. 

Commissioning of new super trawlers and onshore processing facilities will allow RFC to process up to 100% of the catch into high value-added products and increase the quota for catching Pollock, which will make the Russian Fishery Company  the global leader in this sphere